Thought for the day: Fehu


As you know, the rune Fehu is associated with wealth, and in particular with cattle. Why did our concept of wealth become linked with livestock, rather than with gold and silver as many other peoples did?

Gold is very useful as a means of storing wealth: it does not tarnish or decay, it is instantly recognizable, and it is very difficult to fake. You can show it to anyone, from the most cosmopolitan urbanite to a headhunter from the remotest corner of the Amazon, and it will instantly be recognized as something valuable. However, that’s all it is, a means of storing wealth. Gold does not make more gold. Even a particle accelerator is not a viable means of making more gold, that is still something reserved for the Gods. Livestock require constant care and attention, but if that is provided they can reproduce and make more wealth.

As a respected elder in our community is fond of saying, “Fehu is the first rune of the Futhark for a reason”. He is absolutely correct; wealth is good, power is good, and in our materialistic modern society wealth does more or less equal power. However, we should be very particular about what sorts of wealth we seek to acquire. Working ourselves to the bone to acquire stacks of paper or metal should be thought of as a short-term strategy, we should be working towards laying a foundation our descendants can build great things upon. Live as cheaply as possible to save up money to buy rental property with. Look into means of earning money that do not leave you dependent on a single employer who probably views you as nothing but a line on the expense side of a spreadsheet. I won’t lie, it is very difficult and the deck is stacked against you, but it is still possible. I’m not there myself, but progress is being made.

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