Who We Are

The Asatru Land Union (ALU) is a real-world Folkish Asatru community, located in Lewis County, Washington.  We believe that it is our right and our duty to pass our culture and traditions onto our descendants, and the best way to ensure this is to establish real-world communities whose members live in close physical proximity.  Washington in general and Lewis County in particular is an ideal place to establish such a community, for a number of reasons.  There is already a decent number of Folk living here, who can form the core of a larger community.  To be clear, neither I nor anyone else is suggesting a classic intentional community.  No one is expected to sell everything he owns in order to establish Asatruville out in the woods somewhere, there are many reasons why this is not a workable idea.  What I am proposing is similar to what new immigrant groups do when they come here, and what our own ancestors did when they first came to this country; pick one spot, then all go there and support each other.  Buy from each other, hire each other, and generally try to build each other up.

Many people underestimate how many of us are out there.  There are more Folk out there than most people realize, but we’re spread out across the country.  Think of a piece of uranium: there is some activity in it all the time, even if it’s just siting in the ground, but once it’s compressed (that is, brought into close proximity) amazing amounts of energy are released.  There are many aspects of traditional culture that cannot be brought back, even in a limited form, until there is a certain critical mass of Folk who live close enough that they interact with each other regularly.  Large events like the Midsummer and Freifaxi celebrations we organize every year are fun and important, and we will continue to do them, but you cannot have a community of people who only see each other for a few weekends a year.

Our logo was made for us by a prominent local Heathen artist.  It is meant to be symbolic of the local landscape: blue sky, white mountains, and green earth.

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